Top Five Strategy Games of the Last 10 Years

RPGs are not the most common genre of video games, but to those die hard gamers it is the only thing they truly enjoy. RPGs can take hours of continuous play to beat, and even then it takes a huge amount of strategy to accomplish. Over the last decade many RPGs have been released that top the charts of video games, and here I will cover the top five most challenging ones.

To begin is Kingdom Hearts, released in 2002. This Disney based game is a very complex and difficult game. This game is very difficult because, like any RPG you must level up to gain strength, and sometimes the game will throw enemies at you that are a much higher level than you. I did finish this game and it made me a better game because I learned to rely more on the AI.

The second RPG is Final Fantasy XIII, released in 2010. This game, like all other Final Fantasy games, is a very long and complex game. You are introduced to progressively harder and harder enemies and bosses. I did finish this game and it made me a better gamer through the way it made me look at puzzles and how I assessed the battlefield.

The third RPG is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, released in 2003. This game is honestly one of my favorites but it is a very hard game in the constant puzzles and obstacles that are presented to you through the game. It took me a very long time to finish the game but I did it, and it made me a better gamer in the way that I outfit my characters. This game is very hard and what you fit to your character can make the difference between life and death.

The last and best RPG is Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, released in 2011. This is a very spectacular and glorious game. The aspect of this game that constantly keeps you on your toes and makes it all that more difficult is the constant changing of the game. You never know exactly what monster will jump out and attack you as you continue through the game, and every experience is different for every person. I did complete this game and it made me a better gamer by always keeping my guard up and constantly saving my game every few minutes.