Every character class in Diablo 2 has key attributes, and some of them are highly important to particular classes than the others. Whether you are a fighter or caster, the way you assign your attribute points will determine the build path of every class.

The key attributes of Diablo 2 are Strength, Dexterity, Vitality, Energy, Stamina, Life, and Mana. The mentioned attributes are displayed on the character sheet and are defined as followed –


The strength attribute in Diablo 2 increases the player’s output damage and at the same time determines the armor and weapon that a character can wield. Even though strength only increases partial damage, it does permit you to equip better gear and heavier weapons.

Besides assigning points into the Strength attribute, you can also increase it through charms, armor, weapons, and spells. Once an item such as this is removed, the effect it offers to your strength is removed as well. The increased strength on such D2 Resurrected items is indicated via blue texts on your strength level (Character Sheet). You need to be mindful while utilizing your strength boosts and subsequently removing them, as the equipped items may be entirely dependent upon the strength bonus from the item that you have removed. However, if you are utilizing charms, then the effect remains as long as it’s in your inventory and not in your stash.


Dexterity highlights the nimbleness of your character. It affects your Defense, Shield Blocks, and the base damage caused via Ranged weapons like Javelins and Bows.


Vitality helps improve your Stamina and Life (Hit Points). The path you choose to build your character and skills will determine the amount you have to invest in Vitality.


Energy focuses on the Mana that a character holds in their Orb for diablo 2 attributes. Generally, players don’t invest a good number of points in energy as it’s automatically gained as they level up. Another way to increase energy is through gear for diablo 2 attributes, and there’s an exception for Sorceress depending on their build.


Stamina is known for directly affecting the run or walk scenarios of your character. It is indicated by a yellow color bar in the UI (User Interface). When stamina is completely exhausted, you are forced to stop and start walking, and when that happens, you must stop for a second and allow it to recharge on its own in this diablo 2 resurrected attributes guide. Yes, it recharges as you continue to walk, but if you start running again, then it will deplete.

The gear that you have equipped determines the rate of stamina loss. In simpler words, heavy armory causes stamina to decrease quicker than light armory. Paladins have a plus point here, as they can use their Vigor Aura to increase their stamina, as well as that of their party members. Similarly, Barbarians can also increase their stamina by utilizing the Increase stamina Skill. It’s worth noting that stamina is tied to Defense.


Life is what you know as ‘HP’ (Hit Points) in the game, and it can be replenished by consuming Healing Potions (Heal Over Time) and Rejuvenation Potions (Instant Heal). Another way to increase your Life Points or Hit Points is with the Potion of Life, which is an Act 3 quest reward from the NPC named Alkor. He also grants +20 life permanently.


Mana is utilized when spells are cast, and it is linked to the character’s energy. Mana regenerates automatically but slowly; however, you could always head over to a Mana Shrine to replenish it or have it restored as soon as you level up in this diablo 2 resurrected attributes guide.

Sorceress class has a skill called Warmth that can increase the rate at which mana replenishes, and similarly, Paladins possess the Meditation skill that allows them to regenerate mana at a faster pace, and the same goes for their party members. The regeneration of mana is also affected by the Prefixes and Suffixes that you hold.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Placing attributes in Diablo 2 is entirely dependent upon your character’s class, and the means you utilize to build your character. Some may require a larger mana pool while others focus on more dexterity. There are several builds that have been implemented and tested over the past decades. So, you need to spot the one that is best suitable for you.