One thing I’ve learned about World of Warcraft is there are plenty of different ways to make gold. One of them is by finding and selling wow patterns. Granted, some are a waste of time, but the Icy Cloak pattern is definitely a good choice.
So Why do You Need it?

Well, normally only tailors believe this is a great piece to their Tailoring repertoire, but in all actuality any gamer can take advantage of the Icy Cloak pattern. If you know what vendor to purchase it from you can make 18-30 gold on average. Keep in mind this is just selling it.

If you’re a tailor you can actually make it and really boost your gold making. Most of the time it sells for around 75-100 gold. This is monumental if you are trying to level your Tailoring profession quicker or you want a weapon or enchantment of some sort.

Where to Go

I have found that the easiest place to go get one is over in Southshore. It only costs 12 silver and 75 copper, which means a huge return on your investment either way. Plus, if you look around you will find other wow patterns that are available besides the Icy Cloak pattern.

In fact, once you reach the flight path (FP), just head towards the town and you will see a wooden fence almost straight ahead. Go into this house and walk straight ahead. Micha Yance will be there with several wow patterns. The others sell for around 1-8 gold depending on the demand, but the Icy Cloak is still the best.

Limited Options

Unfortunately you can only purchase one of these at a time. Then again, there is a trick that will work every once in awhile. Just exit the game and then log back in and check his supplies again. You will either see another Icy Cloak pattern available, or there will be different wow patterns that surface (e.g. Thick Murloc Armor) in its place.

There are other times when you keep going back for an entire day and it’s never there. Sometimes it seems as if they lock it down for 24 hours, but there doesn’t seem to be a constant routine. Test it out for yourself, but the main goal is to grab at least one and list it.

Learning to Make Gold from the Beginning

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting your World of Warcraft adventure or you’ve been an avid player for years, because everyone needs in-game gold. There are several tips you can take advantage of outside of selling wow patterns, even if you’re a Level 1.

If you’re looking to add to your gold totals with the Icy Cloak, other wow patterns, or another strategy, get all the help you need right from the start at MaknGold.